What Is a Breast Augmentation Revision (and How To Tell If You Need One)?

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Breast augmentation surgery is a journey that doesn’t always end with one procedure. Some women may not be happy with their breast implant results, or their bodies may go through changes that impact the appearance of their breasts. At this point, it’s time to ask yourself, what is a breast augmentation revision, and should I consider having one?

Keep reading to learn how to decide if you should pursue this surgical path to achieve the results you deserve.

Before & After Implant Revision Case 207 View #1 View in Toledo, Ohio
Before & After a Breast Revision
Before & After Implant Revision Case 207 View #2 View in Toledo, Ohio
Before & After a Breast Revision
Before & After Implant Revision Case 207 View #3 View in Toledo, Ohio
Before & After a Breast Revision

How Do You Know If You Need a Breast Revision?

The following reasons are common signs that a breast implant revision or even explant surgery (the removal of the implants) may be right for you:

Your Surgery Doesn’t Fit Your Body

Women have many valid and varied reasons for pursuing a breast implant revision. Perhaps you previously chose the wrong implant size and have never been comfortable with your results. Maybe your breast implants no longer align with your current aesthetic and lifestyle. Whatever the issue, we can explore a solution that helps you feel more comfortable and confident.

Your Implants Have Shifted

Over time, your implants can shift or change position, which is called implant malposition. A malposition could also be a low implant or an implant too far out to the side when lying down (as seen in the images below). This can lead to an asymmetrical or unnatural breast appearance that can make you feel self-conscious. If you notice a change in the placement of your implants, visible rippling, or other cosmetic issues, it’s time to consult with a plastic surgeon who has extensive experience with breast implant revision surgery.

before and after implant malposition
implant malposition

You Want To Change from Saline to Silicone

You have many options when it comes to selecting breast implants. Some women decide to switch their breast implants from saline to the most currently requested implant choice, silicone gel-filled implants. This newer option typically looks and feels more natural and maintains its shape better. If you’re unhappy with your current implants or your preferences change, we encourage you to meet with us to explore alternate options.

You’re Having Complications from Capsular Contracture

Sometimes, hardened scar tissue forms around the implant, which can cause pain and distortion. When this happens, we remove the capsule, repair the pocket, and replace the implants. We utilize GalaFLEX, an internal “bra” that adds structure, stimulates collagen and elastin production, and naturally dissolves over time. This extra support in the breast pocket reinforces the tissue for a stronger repair and longer-term results.

Your Implant May Have Ruptured or Leaked

In rare cases, implant rupture or leakage can occur over time. It’s essential to contact your surgeon immediately if you experience unusual breast pain, asymmetry, or changes in breast shape. Saline implants will deflate upon rupture, and the saltwater solution will harmlessly be metabolized by the body.

Silicone implant ruptures, however, may be more difficult to spot and will require monitoring with MRI over the years. It is important to remember that implants are not considered lifetime devices and may need to be updated or exchanged to ensure the safest outcomes. Dr. Colville utilizes HRUS (High Resolution Ultrasound) in the office and in a matter of a few minutes can examine the breast implant surface for rupture.

You Have Visible Wrinkling or Rippling

Women with saline implants may notice wrinkling or rippling of the implant’s surface (most common with saline filled implants). This can occur when there is insufficient breast tissue coverage over the implant or the implant is too large. If this becomes noticeable or bothersome, a revision may be necessary.

You’ve Experienced Aging and Other Physical Changes

The natural aging process inevitably brings about physical changes. Breasts can sag and droop away from your implants. As you age, your weight may fluctuate, impacting your breasts and overall physique. A breast augmentation revision can help you enhance your appearance during any stage of life.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms from a prior breast augmentation procedure, let us help you explore your options for breast implant revision. We encourage you to reach out to us to schedule a consultation or contact us at (419) 534-6551 to get started!

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