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Author: Dr. Colville

 I would like to say hello to everyone, this is my new and updated blog regarding the COVID situation. Obviously, by now, everybody is well informed about the current COVID pandemic situation that we have and they are aware that many offices are closed or have limited services.

My practice, in particular, is on hold for all elective surgery per orders from the State of Ohio, US government and Ohio Board of Ambulatory surgery.  We continue to follow all of these regulations both existing and new. As everyone is aware, these rules and limitations exist until the end of April but time will tell to see if that is a fixed date or whether that date changes as the situation evolves.

What if I Already Have a Surgery Scheduled?

I am currently working on a rolling rescheduling plan moving back surgeries and appointments as needed, I prefer this rather than wholesale cancellation and rescheduling at a later day as that leaves people with limited opportunities to plan. For those that need to temporarily cancel, I totally understand that as well and we’ll be here to help you reschedule.

What if I have an Emergency?

I continue to see patients with any type of surgical emergency or urgent problem as well as anyone that would have significant skin cancer or breast cancer diagnosis.

My phones are answered remotely from 9 AM to 2 PM and we still utilize the answering service for after-hours concerns

Can I Still Schedule a Consultation?

Yes, I’ve established online virtual consultations and that information is on my website here.  In addition, I have available scheduled patient phone calls/consultations for initial discussions about any upcoming surgery, scheduled surgery, contemplated surgery or any question/concerns you may have.

We’re Here for You

I, my office staff, and Angie Reed, my office nurse remain available for your needs and concerns.

My own thoughts on the current crisis would only be my own personal thoughts but I certainly agree with the government and state recommendations as far as social distancing and self-isolation when necessary. This does create some unique problems for us and for everyone as well. Should people have concerns or want to talk about these I remain available.

Warm regards

Craig Colville MD

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